I am endlessly fascinated by our world and believe there is no greater honor than to hear and tell people’s stories. No matter the medium, I strive to connect people from different countries, cultures, and everyday realities through human-led storytelling.

I have traveled extensively to cover needs on the grounds and responses to wars, natural disasters, and disease outbreaks. This includes conflicts in Iraq, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Somalia, and South Sudan; Syrian refugee crisis in Lebanon, Turkey, Greece, and Serbia; earthquakes in Haiti, Nepal, and Japan; Ebola in West Africa; flooding in southern Africa; and cholera in Haiti. I have also reported on health and development stories in Tanzania, Rwanda, Mozambique, and Kenya. 

My writing and photography have been featured on CNN, CBS News, The Huffington Post, Daily Beast, among others.

I graduated from Boston University with bachelor’s degrees in both communications and business administration. I am based in Nairobi.

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